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Accept Payments in a Blink of an Eye!

An Innovative Solution Designed for the Post-COVID-19 World!


SCARDU is an innovative solution designed for the post-COVID-19 world to serve online merchants who look for a seamless payment method, which is easy to integrate and simple to use.

It is created to overcome the challenges of the current shift waves happening in consumer behavior and leveraging technology to help elevate businesses and connect merchants to millions of ready consumers who want to transact online.


Available Across the MENA Region

Offer your products and services to millions of buyers residing in the MENA region!


No Account Creation or Login Needed!

Simple Integration

Very simple integration steps to start selling online!

Zero Setup Fees

Zero Setup & Integration Fees!
Competitive Commission Rate!

No Spending Limitations

Allow your consumers to spend as much as they need!

Multiple Denominations

Prepaid cards available in multiple denominations for all consumers’ needs!

How SCARDU Works?

Consumers purchase SCARDU prepaid coupons from thousands of resellers available across the MENA region.

Consumers use the purchased prepaid coupons and redeem them directly at the merchant website, and complete transacting within seconds… as simple as that!

Start Accepting Payments in a Blink of an Eye!